Episode 188 – Mexico is meddling in America’s democracy

  • A foreign power, adverse to America’s interest is actively undermining our democracy, but it’s not the Russians, its Mexico
  • In this age of media saturation, why are U.S. taxpayers still funding the leftist outlets of PBS and NPR
  • And the Democrats are all in for unlimited immigration, can a political party that seeks to win elections by replacing America’s majority win in 2018

Episode 187 – Last year America sent $375b to Communist China

  • Americans voted for Trump to get America out of these disastrous trade policies, but last year we recorded the highest deficit with China ever, we’ll ask an expert what gives
  • The opposition media have found themselves a new star at the Olympic Games, none other than Kim Jung Un’s sister and North Korea’s minister of propaganda
  • And George W. Bush when to a Arab sheikdom and condemned America’s president and the Deplorables who elected him