Episode 185 – When can we leave Afghanistan?

  • The United States has now been at war in Afghanistan 13 years longer than it took to win the Second World War. What is exactly is the definition of victory in that God-forsaken land?
  • The danger with the president’s immigration proposal is not that the Dems will reject it, the danger is they’ll accept it
  • It’s past time to drop the politically motivated charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn

Episode 184 – Senate passes 2 year budget deal without DACA

  • The Senate passed a two year spending plan, but Nancy Pelosi held up the House with an 8 hour filibuster on behalf of amnesty for illegal aliens
  • It turns out that much of what was contained in the bogus dossier came directly from the Clinton campaign
  • And the special counsel’s last chance to get something on the president is a perjury trap, should the president just tell Mueller no thanks

Episode 183 – Can Wall St. and Main St. both prosper under Trump?

  • With rising wages and a recovering economy on Main Street, Wall Street is experiencing a major market correction
  • The House Intel Committee voted unanimously to release the Democrats FISA memo and the media response was crickets
  • And the government is set to shut down Thursday with Democrats once again demanding amnesty for illegal aliens

Episode 182 – FISA memo exposes Deep State collusion

  • After warning that the FISA memo would destabilize the government, the Dems now proclaim that it’s a nothingburger
  • We’ll cut through all the false narratives and talk about what the FISA memo actually reveals
  • And after a year and a half of the so-called Russia collusion investigation, we’ll review the claims that we now know are patently false

Episode 181- Memo contains felonies by deep state actors

  • Suddenly the mainstream media, who never saw a classified leak they didn’t publish, is concerned about the release of the memo showing wrongdoing by the Deep State
  • As the Dems and the establishment media circle the wagons around the Deep State, we’ll return to another scandal they’ve put off limits, the assassination of Seth Rich
  • And it looks like the Democrat’s rejection of Trump’s immigration proposal is the best possible outcome for Americans