October 18, 2017 – Episode 146

  • It’s been revealed that Robert Muller and Rod Rosenstein were complicit in Hillary Clinton’s pay for play that transferred American nuclear reserves to Russia
  • The media is instead focusing on Trump’s statement that other Presidents have neglected to call the next of kin of fallen soldiers
  • And John McCain is claiming that being a nationalist and against globalism is anti-American

October 15, 2017 – Episode 145

  • From the Iran Deal to Obamacare, from DACA to ISIS, Obama’s shameful legacy is being systematically dismantled
  • The so-called capital of the ISIS caliphate has fallen after a sustained offensive by the U.S. led coalition
  • And as Steve Bannon calls for an insurgency against establishment GOP senators, President Trump joined with swamp creature Mitch McConnel to question the strategy

October 13, 2017- Episode 144

  • President Trump signed executive orders allowing for the purchase of health insurance across state lines and for associations to negotiate for group insurance rates
  • The Administration will decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal forcing congress to strengthen the agreement
  • The specter of an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack from North Korea is becoming more and more real
  • And this week, the mask has been torn of Hollywood’s carefully crafted persona of moral superiority

October 12, 2017 – Episode 143

  • Displaying the establishment’s unquenchable thirst for cheap labor, the Wall Street Journal has come out against Trump’s immigration priorities
  • The Boy Scouts of America have thrown in the towel and decided that they are no longer an organization for American boys
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has presided over the collapse of the league’s popularity and value – is it time for him to go?
  • And California’s firefighters face exhaustion, as the state’s raging infernos show no sign of containment

October 11, 2017 – Episode 142

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally realized that allowing it’s employees to destroy the league might not be the best business model
  • In the wake of rape and sexual assault allegations, Harvey Weinstein has fled to Europe for rehab
  • And the matter of the timeline changes in the Vegas shooting get stranger and stranger