September 11, 2017 – Episode 124

  • Hurricane Irma has left Florida beaten but unbowed as the state is left with a daunting clean up and rebuilding challenge
  • Steve Bannon sat down with Charlie Rose for a 60 Minutes interview and reminded supporters why they voted for Trump
  • Eric Bolling’s son died under mysterious circumstances on the same day that the Fox News fired him based on a left-wing smear campaign

September 10, 2017 – Episode 123

  • The United States has suffered a one-two punch from hurricanes in Texas and Florida and despite the media’s divisive rhetoric American’s are displaying great resolve and unity
  • President Trump cut a deal with Congressional Democrats to clear the decks for disaster relief and major tax reform
  • And a new virulent form of racism is coming from the left and the Democrat Party and targeting white people and especially white men for oppression and vilification

September 4, 2017 – Episode 122

  • On Saturday, North Korea conducted another nuclear test and claims to have developed a far more powerful miniaturized hydrogen bomb
  • President Trump visited the devastation on the Gulf Coast and made an initial request for $7.85b in disaster relief
  • And the president is expected to end Obama’s DACA amnesty, delayed six months to give Congress time to action of its own

September 1, 2017 – Episode 121

  • Hurricane Harvey has left a path of death and destruction, but the people of south Texas showed the nation how to stand together as Americans
  • The North Koreans launched another ballistic missile and the United States is responding with a show of force of its own
  • Antifa is a rising, violent force in American politics, but very few establishment Republicans seem concerned

August 31, 2017 – Episode 117

  • The death toll is rising in Texas and the storm has claimed its first casualties among the civilian rescuers
  • Also in Texas, an activist, Clinton appointed Federal judge has ignored the law and precedence to block enforcement of the state’s new law banning sanctuary cities
  • And Robert Muller is coordinating with New York’s highly partisan Democrat Attorney General to gin up financial crimes