September 21, 2017 – Episode 129

  • Now that its obvious that the Obama Administration spied on the Trump presidential campaign, Republicans in Washington show zero intention rescuing the nation from a Deep State coup
  • National Public Radio and the Democrat Party are colluding to promote the violent, anti-police riots in Saint Louis
  • And NFL ratings are falling worse than a Colin Kaepernick pass, but the league is scared to confront it’s Black Lives Matter protests

September 20, 2017 – Episode 128

  • Hurricane Maria is pounding Puerto Rico with winds of up to 150 mph and Mexico is digging out from another earthquake
  • Donald Trump rocked the UN General Assembly yesterday with strong support for nationalism and a warning to North Korea’s Rocket Man
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions has failed to bring a single indictment against Hillary Clinton or the Deep State

September 18, 2017 – Episode 126

  • President Trump has reintroduced the concept of bipartisanship to Washington and both parties are struggling to come to terms with the concept of compromise
  • The opposition media is falsely reporting that the Administration is reconsidering it’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord
  • And Hollywood gathered for yet another of their endless self-congratulatory awards shows last night as more and more Americans tuned out

September 15, 2017 – Episode 125

  • President Trump’s reported support for DACA amnesty would allow over 3.5 million illegals to gain citizenship, prompt a flood of chain migration and encourage more illegal immigration
  • Hillary Clinton’s book tour is reminding everyone just how detached from reality the Democrat presidential nominee and unindicted serial felon truly is
  • And amid another campus meltdown, Ben Shapiro spoke at Berkeley last night, which gave us a glimpse into the reaction we can expect to the upcoming Free Speech Week