Episode 179 – Trump stands for God, family & Country – Dems don’t

  • President Trump delivered a powerful America First state of the union speech last night and illustrated just how deranged the Democrat Party has become
  • The President offered amnesty to two million DACA recipients in exchange for border security and the Democrats sat on their hands
  • The Democrats brought illegal aliens to the State of the Union with them showing their priority of foreign nationals over American citizens

Episode 178 – Memo is out and so is McCabe

  • The Democrats are desperately trying to discredit the House Intel Committee memo, which is interesting since so very few of them have bothered to read it
  • Ahead of the President’s State of the Union speech, leftist celebrities gathered in New York City to call for his removal from office
  • And from movies, to music, to the NFL, social justice warrior celebrities are busy insulting half their audience

Episode 176 – Will Trump cave on Immigration?

  • As the Trump economy has sparked a global recovery, the globalists in Davos are struggling for reasons to oppose the American president
  • Turns out those text messages weren’t lost after all and yesterday coincidentally Obama hired legal counsel
  • There are indications that Trump is going wobbly on amnesty