February 23, 2017 – Episode 24

President Trump has called out the corporate media as enemies of the American people and we’ll make the case that the corporate media is guilty as charged.

The one thing that unites today’s establishment Republicans and Democrats is irrational hostility toward Russia.  Why are they determined to reignite another cold-war?

In just 2 months, President Trump has accomplished more for the American people than the last 8 years under Obama

February 16, 2017 – Episode 23

President Trump’s efforts to block immigration from operating bases of ISIS and Al Queda are being blocked by judges usurping the powers of the presidency to protect the nation

Obama holdovers in the intelligence agencies have declared war on our elected government and appear determined to precipitate a domestic coup d’etat

The leftist media are in a meltdown that immigration laws are at long last being enforced and illegal aliens are being returned to the home countries

February 2, 2017 – Episode 21

The opposition party media continues to turn a blind eye to escalating violence against Trump supporters and calls for the president’s assassination

Americans elected Donald Trump to secure our border and keep terrorists out.  Now that he’s keeping his campaign promise, the left is engaged in hysterics

And a new study shows that in fact, up to 800k non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton