November 17, 2016 – Episode 11


  • In the first half of today’s show will discuss how the media’s ignoring violence against Trump supporters and focusing on unproven Anti-Trump stories and hoaxes.
  • In the second half hour, we’ll talk about the disarray in the Democrat Party and my analysis on why Hillary lost and the reaction of the lunatic celebrates to the election.

November 10, 2016 – Episode 10

  • Today’s show will be all about the political earthquake we just witnessed and how we can take this movement to Washington to restore American greatness.
  • We’ll talk about how Trump won, the implications for the new Republican party, the corporate media being exposed and what we can do to support our new president.

November 3, 2061 – Episode 9

  • Today, in the first half of the show we’ll discuss again what’s at stake in this election and make the closing argument for a vote for the Republican nominee.
  • And the second half hour, we’ll talk about the latest revelations in the Clinton scandal involving pay to play and the compromise of America’s national security secrets.