April 27, 2017 – Episode 33

The Trump administration is caving to Democrat threats of a government shutdown and withdrawing it’s request for a down-payment on the border wall.

The administration released its tax plan yesterday and it took up all of one-page and that was double spaced. Guess what it did not contain? The only effective way to reduce our massive trade deficits.

April 24, 2017 – Episode 30

On this week’s episode, we’ll look at whether Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization and take a close look at the so-called bike lock attacker.

Whether China really wants to reign in North Korea’s nuclear program or if they’re in fact using Kim’s threats are being used by China against the U.S.

We’ll also discuss Fox’s firing of Bill O’Reilly and the newest chapter in the Colin Kaepernick saga.

April 18, 2017 – Episode 29


China’s client state, North Korea is determined to provoke a nuclear showdown with the United States.  Can President Trump avoid the same mistakes made by Clinton, Bush and Obama?

Judge Andrew Napaolitono was excoriated by the corporate media and suspended from Fox for reporting that the British were spying on the Trump campaign, well new revelations vindicate the Judge?

These and other stories today on the return of your source for nationalist news,  America First Radio.