June 26, 2017 – Episode 75

  • The Supreme Court has lifted the injunction on Trump’s travel ban with a very dangerous exception
  • With the Russia Collusion myth falling apart, the Washington Post made a last ditch effort to restore its credibility with a 36 page article that reveals exactly ZERO new information
  • Donald Trump still is not under investigation for collusion or obstruction, but Bernie Sanders and his wife ARE under FBI investigation for bank fraud

June 23, 2017 – Episode 74

  • Hollywood leftists continue their decent into insanity with the latest example of Johnny Depp making an implied threat to assassinate the President
  • The Leftists in the media are also in a complete meltdown after Trump tweeted that he himself did not record James Comey and was not aware of any tapes
  • And Nancy Pelosi is defending herself from calls to step down as Minority Leader and her biggest defenders to keep her in that position are the Republicans

June 22, 2017 – Episode 73

  • Mitch McConnell released the Senate’s GOP version of repeal and replace and it’s hard to tell just what exactly was repealed or replaced
  • House Democrats continue to block testimony from the Carter Page, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort in the so-called Russian conspiracy
  • AND After blowing $30m in the Ossaff campaign for an ironclad Republican District, the Democrat National Committee had its worst fundraising month in almost 15 years

June 21, 2017 – Episode 72

  • As predicted, Georgia’s 6th District returned a Republican to Congress and the Democrats are now zero for 4 in their Trump resistance election strategy
  • The National Security Council has moved the evidence of Susan Rice’s illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign to the Obama presidential library to shield it from congressional subpoena
  • A report released by a group of forensic graduate students says that it was unlikely that the murder of Seth Rich resulted from a botched robbery and that it was more likely a hired assassination

June 20, 2017 – Episode 71

  • Now that Trump’s desired rapprochement with Russia is being blocked by the Deep State, the U.S. and the Red Army are on a collision course in Syria
  • We’ll take a look at the case of obstruction that’s being ginned up by James Comey and Robert Muller against Donald Trump and compare it to the case of obstruction against Hillary Clinton