Episode 195 – CNN crisis theater

  • CNN’s so-called townhall was carefully scripted anti-gun propaganda complete with a pre-planned questions and responses
  • CNN tracked down an elderly woman and accused her of collaborating with the Russians for sharing posts on Facebook
  • Last year CNN and MSNBC gave hours of coverage to an anti-Trump event organized by the same Russian troll farm

Episode 194 – Gun grabbers on the march

  • Leftists are using the students from the Parkland shooting to take away your 2nd Amendment rights – we’ll look at who’s really behind this effort and how to fight back
  • Social media has taken the place of the town square for public discourse, but what happens the left controls the debate
  • Billy Graham has gone to his eternal reward – we’ll celebrate the life of an American original

Episode 193 – The Kids Want Your Guns, Zombie Cuck in Stalks Utah

  • With his indictments last Friday against a Russian troll farm for interfering in American democracy, some Trump supporters believe that Mueller is close to wrapping up his case – they are kidding themselves
  • Mueller’s team has seized on the shadowy of social media bots to smear the Trump campaign as illegitimate, but his opponents are far more guilty of these practices than Trump
  • And like a political zombie, failed presidential candidate and vulture capitalist, Mitt Romney has found a path in Utah carry the establishment flag in the Republican party

Episode 192 – Mueller and his Clintonista prosecutors indict Russians

  • On Friday the FBI revealed they had been tipped off from a source close to Nikolas Cruz of his intention to become a school shooter
  • Also on Friday, Robert Muller and his intrepid band of Clintonistas issues indictments against a Russia based troll-farm that said bad things about Hillary
  • And we’ll look at the sources of conflict between America and post-Soviet Russia and ask if it’s in either nation’s national interests